Let me tell you a little secret: I don’t have any.

I’ve given all my secrets away.

I don’t trust them to any single person. I spread them around like chocolates.

Some of them are rich and dark. Others light and ephemeral. I have a collection I’ve given away that were hard to part with, but it’s hard to keep shiny things to myself.

Secrets are friendships. They’re the little pieces of yourself that are hard to part with, that you don’t want to trust to many people. But they weave friends closer together when you do.

Have you noticed the ones I give away on here? You may not think they’re much, but I love that I can be honest here, even if I’m still a bit mysterious.

But good secrets are important. Even if you never admit them completely, they add flair and style.

So for all the secrets you’ve shared, and friends you’ve made, and excitement you’ve added to your life, here’s a wish that you never run out.

{images of the Fanning sisters from W Magazine December 2011 issue, photographed by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Lori Goldstein}


  • Teresa

    Once my Priest was saying in a Sermon something I never forgot: “When you say you have a Secret you’re already revealing (half of) the secret.”… and that’s true isn’t it?

    I’m already remembering all the things you dropped through time in your posts, and even if I didn’t follow the subject throug, I feel I was part of being honored with it.

    Thank you and the Fanning sisters’ pics were perfect – in their B&W exposure – to illustrate your post and the following:

    “A sister smiles when one tells one’s stories – for she knows where the decoration has been added. ~Chris Montaigne”

  • Chelsea

    I love this…such lovely writing. I am in love with these photos of the Fanning sisters. xo

  • Jamie

    Your writing, these photos, your secrets….weaved all together = STUNNING.

  • Dyan

    i like this thought! secrets “add flair and style”!

    happy tuesday, brandi!

  • Gloria

    Thanks for sharing your secrets with us, Brandi :-) There are some GREAT genes in the Fanning family – what gorgeous girls!

  • pop champagne

    man I LOVE Dakota and Elle Fanning, ahhhh they’re so pretty and the first picture is <3

  • Monica

    nice weave of pics and words.

    i do know the things you’ve revealed. never a small thing to do so.

    i’m too honest to be secretive, and yet, i have a lot of specific secrets. they would scare too many people if i told. ;D

  • Dancing Branflake

    I can proudly say I am the best secret keeper ever. You tell me something and I will take it with me to the grave.

  • Amy

    Most of the secrets I have the privilege of hearing stay just like that – inside my ears and in a very quiet spot inside my brain.

    But I love your entry today, Brandi! The pictures and story telling are beautiful.


  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Ah, Elle & Dakota. So mysterious and ethereal. I love this post, probably because I love secrets and adventures and treasure hunting!

  • Naomi Bulger

    Ah, secrets. I like to share mine too, like chocolates. But very special chocolates, handmade, filled with violet cream or champagne jelly. Some I hold close, nurturing them, until they are ready to be shared. But they are always shared.

  • Padgett Hoke

    I am sorry I have been so MIA on commenting – this post is lovely! Well, basically anything you write is pretty darn lovely! xo xo

  • Elisse

    Omigosh, I am so enamored by the pics of the Fanning sisters!

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