Lessons from Siblings

I bought flowers for myself this weekend at the market. My brother and his girlfriend came to town for a visit, giving me a chance to play hostess — and giving me an excuse to add some color to my dining room with fresh autumn flowers.

Growing up, I thought my brother and I were so different. He was outgoing, I was shy. He was athletic and played sports, I was artistic and enjoyed being on stage. In many ways, I thought we were night and day.

But as time passed, I’ve really begun to discover how we’re alike as well.¬†We were too many years apart growing up to know each other as well as siblings who get to attend the same school do. We’ve both grown into really complex individuals and there are many ways in which we handle situations in similar manners.

I realized this weekend that my brother is a sort-of mirror for me. As I get to know him better, I get to know myself better — and my parents too. And how my demeanor changes around him tells me even more about myself: I see my deepest habits, I learn how I relate to other people… It’s kinda nice.

Do you have any siblings? Have you found that they teach you about yourself too?

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