Mind-Body Balance


This was my weekend in Louisville. It can be summed in a single photo, even though the weekend was a collection of much more intimate moments, conversations with loved ones, discoveries of places and tastes.

My entire life I have been successful because I have developed a sophisticated, strong mind. It puzzle solves, it calculates, it over-analyzes.

But in archery, it fails.

While part of archery is about knowing what you’re doing, archery must be felt. There are days where my intuition kicks in and I find myself in this place of flow. I become the shot, from start to finish. It is like smoothly brushing paint across a canvas.

On other days, my mind takes over. It panics, it frets — and as a result, what I shoot is not reflective of the archer I know I truly am.

People tell me to get out of my mind, but no one tells me how to do it. There’s no mathematical formula to follow or proven method of success, nothing for my mind to latch onto and follow. So this is the challenge I’m faced with: to discover what full embodiment is, to learn how to find serenity and be in it.

It’s strange — I never expected to find the keys I needed to unlock my whole potential in archery. But now that I’m here, it makes sense.

And balancing the mind and body? It’s the lesson I need most right now. In so many ways.

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