The Rider

He rides a motorcycle.

That makes him instantly crush-worthy in my book, even if I haven’t ever gotten a proper glimpse of him. Every time I see him, he is on that motorcycle, wearing a helmet, putting on a helmet, taking off his helmet….there was always a helmet involved.

I have a crush on the motorcycle too. It is gorgeous. And exactly what I would get if I had ever learned to ride one. That’s still on my bucket list.

But back to the rider, because I know that’s what you want to hear about.

Once I’d managed to slow my heart beat from a frenzied thumping when our paths crossed, I started noticing the rider’s style. If I could dress a man, he would have the rider’s closet of clothing. The only thing I’m not sure he owns is a three piece suit. And if he does, I’m done for. But he has all else: the casual, mysterious “maybe I’m a bad boy” outfit; the comfortable, practical “I hike all day to keep buff” ensemble; the professional “I can take you out in a courtroom or a bar brawl” look.

But what surprised me most was that his presence has been enough to make me realize that the style I live in isn’t the style I want to have. After two sightings recently, one of which nearly led to a fainting spell, I found myself standing in front of my closet, critically assessing everything, and getting rid of everything that didn’t capture my style perfectly.

Who knew a man could have such an effect…

{I have no photo of him or his motorcycle, which is kept under cover when he’s not using it. I considered trying to take a photo, but that would likely involve me, sitting in my car, waiting for him to appear, and that’s just too stalker for my taste. So this photo is from flickr user Attila Siha}

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