About Brandi

I write stories on the world.

Entrance: a winter solstice

Places I’ve Called Home: New Jersey, New York City, San Diego, Washington DC, Roanoke VA, Charlottesville VA

I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, in a town that was home to scientists who discovered the earliest traces of the Big Bang. My mother attempted to cure me of my shyness by enrolling me in acting and singing classes. I had always been a good student, but I loved what I found on stage: I liked commanding attention, even if only for a short time. I wanted to be a ballerina and a marine biologist and a fashion designer and much more. Eventually, I decided to be an actress, because it was one of the few professions that would allow me to be so many things: doctor, lawyer, scientist – the list of roles to play was endless.

I went to school in Manhattan at New York University, where I ate in incredible restaurants and saw amazing shows. However, I soon realized that I wanted more than just the illusion of many professions; I wanted to do more. I took a trip to Ireland and fell in love with Galway, but returned to New Jersey where I started taking classes at Rutgers University, first in Religion then Philosophy. Eventually I enrolled for a second Bachelors degree in Philosophy, Physics and Religion (a triple major – proof of my insanity).

This lead me to the West Coast, to get a PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies at University of California San Diego. But after two years there, I decided the program (and what it meant for my future) wasn’t quite for me. So I took a road trip around the country for 25 days by myself. A few months after, I settled in Washington, DC where I worked full-time for a non-profit. I took up archery and fell in love with my bow. And I hated the cube I was confined to on weekedays. So I quit my job and decided to work for myself.

That decision changed everything. It has given me the freedom to move and travel, and as my business has grown, so have I. I spend my days running Alchemy+Aim, an awesome team of developers and strategists. We’re insanely passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and find the courage to follow their passions.

In my spare time, I’m working on opening to the magic of this world even more, doing archery, writing, taking photographs, and finding new places to explore.

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