about brandi

a scientist seeking new ways of understanding the world

Brandi has always been a scientist, seeking news ways of understanding the world and engaging its mysteries, so in some ways, it’s natural that she ended up in technology.

Her journey has been a winding one, guided by her heart, starting with a Bachelor’s in Theatre from New York University, with minors in Physics and Mathematics. From there she pursued a second Bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University in Physics, Philosophy and Religion, trying to understand the world from a variety of perspectives before attending graduate school at UC San Diego where she studied Philosophy of Science and Science Studies.

She loves books, ideas and possibilities, but escapes any box you try to put her in. After leaving San Diego, she parlayed her love of blogging into a job as a freelance developer, eventually growing her company Alchemy + Aim to a dozen awesome teammates scattered across the globe.

A quiet yet powerful leader, Brandi has always sought to find new ways to co-create with collaborators and clients, and to connect people with each other and help them dream bigger, by combining insightful questioning with strategic planning. Her path has informed her work deeply and she seamlessly moves from left brain to right brain, creating an integrated experience for anyone whose life she touches – almost like magic.

A visionary at heart, Brandi sees her work inspiring a new conversation around how to live in your truth, radiating your light onto the world unabashedly and with deep impact.