Get strategic insight and guidance to help you build your business while honoring yourself

You’re ready for more – but don’t want to find yourself in old patterns of doing too much or exhausting yourself.

It’s time to scale your business, help more people, and have a bigger impact through a course, book, certification program or some other key innovation. Your heart-centeredness is one of the things you love most about yourself.

It can also be a challenge, caring that much.

You think about your clients and customers before you fall asleep at night, in the shower, on walks. You can see the help they need and know you have an offer that will transform their lives.

But when it comes to your own business, you’re stuck. Sometimes it’s because the thing you’re doing is new – you only know there’s a lot you don’t know. Sometimes, you have a partial plan but have a sense there’s probably something missing.

When you’re in the jar, you can’t read the label.
You need another perspective.

At the same time, you don’t want to be told to operate your business in a completely different way that doesn’t feel right to you. You need to be your true self in the business. You need someone who will help bring out the authentic human-centered leader that you are.

In addition to building my own 7-figure business, I have seen some of the inner workings of over 1,500 companies in my 10+ years working as a website strategist and business leader. I know the needs of businesses as they get started, grow, and scale, as well as the unique challenges of being a business owner and finding balance between work and life while learning how to operate with your values as the foundation.

My combination of intuition, business acumen, and asking thought-provoking questions allows me to support business owners through challenges and new initiatives – while ensuring you’re true to who you are.

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here’s how we can
work together

Half-Day VIP Sessions

This virtual, 3-hour session allows you to get clear on the next steps for 1-2 business challenges or initiatives. We’ll have a 30-minute call to establish what we’ll be covering the week before your session, then you’ll have direct access to me via email for up to 2 weeks after your session.


Full-Day VIP Sessions

Virtual or in-person, this full-day (6-7 hours) session allows you to dive deep to map out solutions to your biggest business opportunities or new frameworks. We’ll have a 45-minute call before your VIP day to discuss what we’ll cover, then you’ll have direct access to me via email for up to 2 weeks after your session as well as a 30-minute follow-up session.

Starting at $4,000 for virtual and $6,000 for in-person sessions in the NJ/NYC area, as well as for some areas of PA and CT. For in-person sessions beyond that area, please inquire.


Strategy Session

These sessions can be booked as needed for 60 or 90 minutes. In addition to our time together, you’ll have direct access to me via email for up to 1 week after your session.


topics we could
talk about

  • Aligning your business operations to your personal energy
  • Creating elevated experiences for your customers and clients
  • Building a foundation for your business to grow and scale in the right ways
  • Crafting a vision for your company that is actionable and gets your team excited
  • Allowing business to be both a practical and spiritual practice
  • Discovering opportunities through co-creation and collaboration

what you’ll get when
we work together

  • Clarity about your business plans and initiatives
  • Outlines where you need them to be successful
  • Realignment between who you are and where you’re growing
  • A deeper commitment to operating from your values and the beautiful genius of YOU
  • Permission to stop listening to everything on social media telling you to be someone else or do it their way (we’re doing this YOUR way)
  • And so much more (left-brained and right-brained goodness)

Keynotes & Workshops

I am also available for keynote sessions and workshops. Please contact me to learn more.


I offer a limited number of 3-month mentorships to minority-owned businesses. Please contact me for next steps. Scholarships are available.