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Building Bomb Relationships & Websites

Brandi Bernoskie is a creator, connector, and entrepreneur. She loves pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and practices to help align business owners with their true selves — whether it’s with a website or their business plan. Brandi has taken her love of theatre and training as an actor, and translated that into becoming a speaker and teacher, sharing wisdom and lessons from business, archery, and beyond with others. She always seeks to find new ways to co-create with collaborators and clients, and to connect people with each other and help them dream bigger, by combining insightful questioning with strategic planning. Her background includes degrees in Theatre, Physics, Philosophy and Religion from New York University and Rutgers University, and graduate work in Philosophy of Science at UC San Diego, where she also taught in the writing program. Brandi started as a freelance developer in 2014 before turning it into Alchemy+Aim and hiring a team of amazing people to assist her in helping others break out of the ordinary and step into their genius.

Show Notes:

  • What are your ideal client requirements?
  • How do you draw clear client boundaries in business?
  • How long have you been in business for?
  • How do you land your big name clients?
  • What excited you in your early blogging days?
  • How does your theater background translate into your business?
  • What was your favorite role on stage?
  • What are common mistakes people make on their website?
  • What is a good takeaway for someone to make a change on their website?


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