The Six Figure Entrepreneur

Infusing Human Flavor into Your Website

It’s so easy today to automate a lot in the selling process as an online entrepreneur.

The tools are there to use, and many strategies can help you sell without doing any selling on your part.

But most online entrepreneurs sometimes forget that they sell to humans who want to be treated as humans.

My guest on today’s episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, Brandi Bernoskie, is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim and North Star Sites, companies that help entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence and enhance their digital experience.

She advocates for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people.

In this episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, Brandi shares how she started as an entrepreneur and built her online business to profitability, among other great insights into her entrepreneurial journeys and lessons she has picked along her journey as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, she also shares valuable tips that will help you add that human flavor to your website and selling process to help your customers and clients connect with you and your business more than you can imagine.


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