The Dr. Valerie Podcast

Serving In Ways That Energize

Such an invigorating and elucidating conversation with digital strategist, website developer, and entrepreneur Brandi Bernoskie. Brandi is a visionary and an early adopter. From being one of the first bloggers to being the first person who purchased my book hot off the press at a conference where it premiered — S.H.E. Summit!

As a fellow skeptic, she had a profound experience tracking the effects of Patriarchy Stress Disorders (PSD) in her life. These traumas so often live under the radar, but when we can see the invisible, we can do the impossible.

We also explored her non-linear, magical journey to her current career and the intentional approach to her work it informs. If you ever felt like your path has been a windy one and not sure where you’re going — Brandi’s story is sure to validate and inspire your journey.

We talk about:

  • how often people ask us to be someone that we are not, and how those moments can be traumatizing but also freeing (when we can identify them for what they are)

  • how her distinct passions – science, religion, philosophy, acting, technology – unexpectedly became interwoven and ultimately informing and empowering her current business

  • how technology can be harnessed to humanize, connect, and serve

  • the importance of intentionality in technology and recognizing people are people and cannot be boiled down to data and metrics

  • how to understand the breadth AND limitations of technology, and the importance to take breaks from it

  • how doing the work to heal can make it possible for us to get in touch with our true desires

  • how identifying deep societal expectations and changing the stories we’ve written around those “shoulds” can allow for us to make clear decisions

  • authenticity and transformation that are integral to her work with clients


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