It starts by asking
the right questions.

It starts by asking
the right questions.

When you find the right questions, the answers
you’ve been searching for appear easily.

We’ve created an impossibly long list of tasks and tactics we’re convinced we “should” be doing.
It’s time to look within, reset the foundation and align your business internally and externally.



Brandi Bernoskie is a creator, connector,
and entrepreneur.

She loves pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and practices to help align business owners with their true selves, whether with a website or in their business plan.

As a business strategist and consultant, Brandi works with business owners and entrepreneurs to discover their inner alignment and bring that alignment to all they do, allowing them to have greater joy, balance, and impact in their own lives as well as in the lives of all they serve.

Brandi has taken her love of theatre and training as an actor and translated that into becoming a speaker and teacher, sharing wisdom and lessons from business and beyond. Her background includes degrees in Theatre, Physics, Philosophy and Religion from New York University and Rutgers University, and graduate work in Philosophy of Science at UC San Diego, where she also taught in the writing program. She’s also a Certified Storybrand Guide.

After starting a blog and learning to code her own website, Brandi ventured out as a freelance developer in 2014, which became Alchemy+Aim. She is also co-owner and co-CEO of Interstellar Support. Her incredible teams help her in helping others break out of the ordinary and step into their genius.


Alchemy + Aim

is the leading website agency for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and global thought leaders. They couple strategic business, website, and technology solutions that fit your needs with the right team to help you share your knowledge and stories, step further into your genius, and make an impact. Alchemy + Aim builds premium, high-quality websites that last their clients for years — and evolve with them as they grow. Clients include Brené Brown, Judy Smith, Luvviy Ajayi Jones, Alexandra Carter, Ozan Varol, and many more.

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North Star Sites

is a sister company to Alchemy+Aim, focusing on helping creatives, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs get a website that’s beautiful and easy to use. Using a proprietary WordPress theme that was developed in-house, they combine flexibility with functionality and affordability. They also work with Shopify for e-commerce businesses, helping them get started making money quickly.

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is the newest sister company to Alchemy+Aim and North Star Sites, providing ongoing support to clients with WordPress websites. No matter who your website was built by, you deserve a support team that can focus on the technical pieces so you can stay in your creative genius zone. Maintenance packages and a la carte support are both available.

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Brandi interviewed for the Behind Design podcast, hosted by Rachel Pesso

Brandi and her long-time friend and collaborator Rachel Pesso talk about when you need custom development for your website and the different that great design and great technology make for a business.


The Archer
by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho’s books always make me think deeply about my life and the world. This book is a gem.

Cover of Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia

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by Peter Attia

This book gave me the language and insight to finally prioritize my health in the right ways.