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A Quick Note

I know I promised you some grand thoughts today, but they’re not ready yet. Actually, they’ve been so abundant lately, that I need more time to sort through them and organize a bit.

I also wanted to tell you more about what’s been happening for me this summer. At the beginning of June, I started a fantastic online course. I was skeptical at first — I’d never paid so much money for something so intangible — but I felt it was time for a change and putting that money down was me making my commitment to that change. I never expected that how I perceive the world and my life would be reshaped in the way it has. I’ve been pushed to the edge. A lot. But (as I’ve told some people in emails) I feel like I’ve discovered this really beautiful place in my life, and I want to keep sharing that with you.

So this post doesn’t end up too lengthy, that’s all I will say for now. But if you have questions or what to know more, ask away in the comments. I promise to be vulnerable and transparent with you, and next week, there will be more inspiration, deep thoughts, and questions that I hope will make you lean into your edge.

{flowers photographed at one of Philadelphia’s wonderful farmers markets}

About brandi

Brandi is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim, a company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence and enhance their digital experience. Her academic background in theatre, philosophy and physics was the perfect foundation for launching her business, where she’s worked with Brené Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, and other notable thought leaders since 2013. She is an advocate for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people as well as for asking deeper philosophical questions and teaching others to think more broadly about impact when they create, particularly in STEAM fields.

11 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. how wonderful for you. i love nothing more than reshaping…

    so what’s the course? or what topic if that’s too personal?

    1. The program is called Live More Weigh Less. For some time, I’ve known I had emotional eating issues and after my last breakup, I gained about 20 pounds and I hated my body. The funny part is that I totally eat healthy, but I was unhappy and stressed and I just didn’t know what to do anymore. I liked that this course wasn’t about following a diet to lose weight, but about really embracing who you are, figuring things out, and living your life rather than worrying about what a scale says. We’ve done a lot of really great work in the course, and I’ve learned so much (and I’m still learning). There’s a lot I want to share on here and I’m still trying to figure out how best to do that.

  2. Good for you, Brandi! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve taken such a step and are finding it so rewarding. I also sometimes have my hesitations about taking online courses because they seem so expensive for a virtual experience (and really it’s me using the excuse that I don’t have the self-discipline to follow through on it). The ones I’ve taken though have surprised me by how much I grew to love them.

    As for the emotional eating, I’m also somewhat like you, but in the opposite sense: I completely starve myself and don’t eat when I become emotional. Something about me wanting to delve deeper into the hole and suffer more pain. It’s twisted. After the last breakup I lost 10 pounds, which my body just couldn’t afford to lose, and ended up in the hospital after nearly blacking out on the street. It was scary and an eye-opener, but I wish I could say that I’m back at a very healthy weight (I could use another 5-10 pounds on me) and that I don’t starve myself when I’m feeling depressed.

    I can’t wait to hear/read all the things you’ve learned about yourself through this course. I’m really proud of you :)

    1. Dorkys, I completely understand your reservations with taking online courses. I think you need to be selective — there are a lot out there and there aren’t all gold. I had a really strong gut feeling about this course that it would be the right next step for me, and it so was.

      It’s fantastic that you can see your emotional (non)eating so clearly. Doing the work around it, digging deep to get to the underlying issues can be difficult. But it’s worth it. I hope some of the things I share will help you do that.

  3. Sounds like something I need to take!!! I’m glad you’re in a good place lately, you deserve it!!! I can’t wait to read all your thoughts, since we seem to have very similar thoughts, maybe it’ll help me figure some things out :)

  4. Oh Brandi, I love you! You inspire me. I want to hear more about this course next time we chat… sounds fantastic.

    Love that photo, by the way. It’s so cheerful.

    1. I will definitely fill you in about it soon. It hasn’t just been the course though. It’s also been WDS and things friends have introduced for me. And books. Lots and lots of books.

  5. That sounds like such an interesting course! I’m not an emotional eater (like, at all) but I do have a very weird outlook on food so I know I would benefit from the course.

  6. Can’t wait to visit your blog next week – I really like visiting your blog for that particular reason. You challenge and question thing and always make me think twice about the motivation behind my actions

  7. Very thoughtful post. I feel like you are lining us up to show us something (but no pressure!). To me, it seems like problems around eating are one of those things that are the symptom, not the cause. A course that helps you address the cause sounds very practical and worthwhile.

    Really looking forward to reading more about this!

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