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Baked Figs

Not every baking story I have to tell is a wild success, especially when I’m desperately trying to recreate an incredible dish. I had hoped. I understood all the elements, but something was missing from the baked figs I made (and it wasn’t the ice cream — I added that after taking this photograph). Maybe it was time or distance or the ambiance of the Edinburgh restaurant I first had this dish in. Maybe it was because the first time I ate it without the distraction of company: just me and a spoon and a heavenly dessert before me. I’ll never really know.

But I will try again. Because my world needs nights with baked figs surrounded by pieces of amaretto cookies topped with vanilla ice cream, nights where I slow down and savor every glorious moment: the smell of the cookies, the taste of the figs, the heat in my mouth, the warmth in the air, the light draping itself across the table…

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8 thoughts on “Baked Figs

  1. it is hard to recreate a recipe from your heart. i think part of the eating experience is environment and something uncontainable. the figs look great, though.

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