No. 96

Binary Star Systems


In some worlds, there are two sunsets.

What stories might have been told by people watching one sun chase another in the sky? What myths would be born to explain the daily pursuit?

A hunter stalks his prey. A lover is pursued by her love.

We are binary stars.

We find ourselves circling what we want, who we want, the life we want. We can feel the gravity, the pull, the lure.

This is the dance: exquisite, perfect, epic.

Everything teaches us: the want in gravity, the thought in separation, the desire in movement.

It is the beginning of every great love story.

And while we seek to close the distance, learn first to fully embrace the moment and the dance.

(Soon two stars collide.)

My heart has been pulling me toward unexpected places lately. What are you being pulled toward?

{image from NASA JPL}

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3 thoughts on “Binary Star Systems

  1. This is such a beautiful idea; really a metaphor, which makes is delighfully poetic :) I’m being pulled more and more once again toward my story. I’m getting excited about writing it, starting over from scratch and just sitting and writing and exploring.
    And I’m on a cleanse right now. No sugar for the last six days and I feel A.Ma.Zing! Energy up the ying-yang.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend girlie!

  2. Sometimes, you are just my total hero. Better than a firefighter hoisting me over his hunky shoulders and carrying me to safety.

    YOU are pulling at me. Or even creating the pull that pulls me to other things. Sometimes I get so dizzy from all the different pullings that I close up, and hide from everything. You always remind me how great it is to feel the pull, and to let the pull guide you.

    Oh, dreamy girl.

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