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Edinburgh Eats

I’m not sure who said to me “you don’t go to the UK for the food.” Whoever it was never has spent any time in Edinburgh — or really, the rest of Scotland for that matter. I left having prepared myself for breathtaking scenery and beautiful castles, but I return craving the food I had there. I had intended to do one massive “things I ate in Scotland” post, but the food was so good, I need to linger over a few of my favorites, especially my eats in Edinburgh.

The Outsider in Old Town Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile, came highly recommended to me by Naomi — and I’m so glad she sang this restaurant’s praises. I spent a good two and a half hours dining there (alone nonetheless) because I was savoring every bite of their pumpkin leek vegetable roulade (above) and baked figs dessert, which was so good that it needs two photos to just begin to convey its awesomeness.

Mum’s is a cute little 50s-ish inspired homestyle real British food (with a healthy twist) diner just south of Old Town. Their veggie haggis warmed me right up on a rainy day. It was all the deliciousness of real haggis with none of the brow-raising questionable meats — not that I’ve ever had real haggis, and I don’t think I’ll ever have to given how yummy this one was.

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon a great outdoor market on my last day in Scotland where I ran into Kaori, who hosted me the first two nights I was in the country. Kaori is the culinary mastermind behind the delicious Japanese food at Harajuku Kitchen, and I was so thrilled I had the chance to try some of her food while I was there.

So as not to overwhelm you with food porn, I’ll save the rest of my Scotland culinary discoveries for next week.

Is your tummy rumbling? Mine is.

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13 thoughts on “Edinburgh Eats

  1. We tried to go to Mum’s soooooo bad on our last day… I really wanted to try their mac and cheese and/or some breakfast items, but they seemed to be running late opening when we got there a half hour after they were supposed to. We also ate lunch at the Elephant House… super touristy at this point with all the Harry Potter fame (which I love!) but we had some tasty panini and interesting bean and mustard flavored crisps. I can also say I’ve never tasted tomatoes so good as the ones I had in Scotland, even just as garnishes on the side of the plate! Wish we could have spent more time in Scotland after seeing your pics, but we only made it to Edinburgh on our trip on top of the Dublin and London areas.

  2. Holy night these photos are amazing! Looks like they’re from a food magazine! Edinburgh was an awesome place to eat. Seriously has some amazing food there. So sad I didn’t go to Mum’s- looks like a great place.

  3. My mouth is totally watering right now! Everyone in my office has been talking about everything pumpkin lately, so that first dish sounds amazing! And looks amazing!

  4. brandi,
    love these photos, and yes, my tummy is rumbling. i agree with you, scotland offered up some amazing dishes {i was particularly fond of the hardy breakfasts served at the castle…oh my those free range eggs were heavenly}.
    can’t wait to read more.

  5. The photos of the figs are mouth watering and anything pumpkin is great this time of year. Great photos. More Food porn please.

  6. I legitimately just finished lunch…and am now hungry again. As usual, your Scotland photos are blowing my socks off! (And I know you’ll figure out that baked fig dish!)

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