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Goddess Revived

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw39 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw37

These days, nothing enters my closet unless (1) it makes me feel beautiful and (2) the fabric doesn’t get caught in my bow when I’m shooting. But once I saw these pieces from the Zuhaur Murad Haute Couture Spring 2013 collection, I knew I’d figure out the logistics of archery in these dresses.

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw16 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw14

Let’s face it: they’d put me that much closer to being an ancient Greek goddess. I can just hear Mount Olympus calling…

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw7 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw3

I was always fond of Artemis. And Athena. Oh, let’s face it: they’re all good fun.

Which Greek goddess’ character traits do you desire to embody most?

{Zuhaur Murad Haute Couture Spring 2013}

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8 thoughts on “Goddess Revived

  1. Those are definitely some goddess-worthy dresses. Sounds like something you need put on the early birthday / Xmas wishlist.

    And Athena. Definitely.

  2. Oh. My. These are simply beautiful! So glad that you shared them! P.S. I love your wardrobe entry conditions! XO N

  3. This collection is out of this world gorgeous. I posted the last pic on my Facebook La Feem page saying if I was a super hero, that would be my outfit!

    Hope all’s well love!

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