No. 99

Living like a Storm


I feel it in the pit of my stomach: the desire to run. Away. Towards. Beyond everything that I know right now.

It’s the desire for adventure, for new places, for new connections. It’s a wish to fall in love at first sight again. To be redeemed, to be blessed.

It’s stirring in me, like a storm wind waiting to erupt and blaze its path across the countryside. And when it’s this elemental, it cannot be denied.

It just don’t know where I might be swept away to yet.

{photo by Heather W, used under Creative Commons license}

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4 thoughts on “Living like a Storm

  1. Oooh, being swept away sounds like such an adventure! I am getting more settled in than ever – which is also scary! It must mean more travel is needed to keep whimsy alive around here!

  2. You have put the feeling that has been building inside of me into words. It’s been a year since I lost my husband and that feeling of running away from and to something is exactly what I am experiencing now. I am looking forward to where it will take me. I am ready for the adventure!

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