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Looking For Your Singularity

There are many different theories about the origin of the universe, but the most popular among physicists is that the universe burst forth from a singularity.

I like to think we each contain such a singularity, the place where all of our genius and creativity bursts forth from. It’s always there, but discovering what unlocks it, what causes it to really open and swell can sometimes be a challenge.

I’m in the throes of looking for my key right now, of discovering what my big picture is and where I can help in a perfectly unique way.

I’ve been struggling and frustrated. I’m in the middle of a business e-course with over 200 other women who all seemingly have it figured out and I still don’t.

There may be some others out there who know this feeling, so I’ve put together this list of ways to cope. For me. For you.

1. Don’t push.

No matter how much you really freakin’ wish the Universe would finally send you a telegram and clue you in to what the BIG thing you’re supposed to do is, relax. Sit with it. Be where you are. This moment is your purpose and it will take you to your next moment and your next purpose. Over time, it will build.

2. Meditate.

Be in the space in between. Focus on your breath. Sometimes, when you relax your mind and stop searching, the answer comes.

3. Explore everything you love.

Include things you think you might love to do there too. You never know when a hobby may become a calling.

4. Write.

Write your story. We are so often meant to help people with the same challenges we have had in life.

Write in the mornings, when you’re still half asleep and not censoring yourself. Things emerge in those early hours.

5. Set out on an adventure.

Shaking yourself out of your normal routine can help remind you of all the other things you’re good at, besides what you may be doing for work at the moment. For me, traveling in particular has a way of peeling back the layers of who I am to show me all that’s hidden beneath.

6. Ask your friends what you’re good at.

Good friends always see things we don’t. Open up to them, share with them what you love most about them and discover what they love about you. Your genius may be shining incredibly brightly in their eyes.

7. Move.

Hike, run, bike, dance… Put your body in motion, put the intention in your mind, and see what rises up. Like meditation, moving frees the mind up and gets you out of the cobwebs you might feel stuck in.

I want to hear from you: If you’re still searching or if you know that familiar feeling from the past, what do you do? What have you done? When did the realization hit you?

About brandi

Brandi is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim, a company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence and enhance their digital experience. Her academic background in theatre, philosophy and physics was the perfect foundation for launching her business, where she’s worked with Brené Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, and other notable thought leaders since 2013. She is an advocate for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people as well as for asking deeper philosophical questions and teaching others to think more broadly about impact when they create, particularly in STEAM fields.

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