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My New Definition of “Success”

I had fully intended to blog while I was away. Fully.

But there were adventures to be had and out-of-the-way boulangeries and macaron shops to be found, let’s just be honest.

One of the reasons I truly love what I do is because it allows me to be so flexible in location. I can live almost anywhere and work from anywhere. So when the opportunity to spend time in Paris came up, I reminded myself that this is why I started my own business, to have little adventures and work in someplace new.

We live in a time when “success” is being redefined, when we have the opportunity as individuals to decide what that means for us.

I had the secure job with good benefits and two weeks vacation per year. I had a salary that many would envy. But nothing about what I was doing felt fulfilling. I felt trapped by the security I had been encouraged to chase.


Starting my own business wasn’t easy and I don’t get a clear two weeks completely off. But I feel more successful than ever before, for three key reasons:

  1. I am completely in control of my schedule, my income, my clients, and my work. I lighten my load when I need to, I take unexpected moments to myself during the weekdays, I choose projects with clients who I believe in and want to support.
  2. I can literally work from anywhere. So maybe that “vacation” in Paris wasn’t completely a vacation, but I saw the city as a tourist and as a freelancer, and that made it special for me.
  3. I can be there for my family and friends. And be there for myself too.

This feels like freedom to me. This feels like success.

I’m still not precisely where I want to be yet, but I’m getting there, and I’m learning insane amounts along the way.


About brandi

Brandi is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim, a company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence and enhance their digital experience. Her academic background in theatre, philosophy and physics was the perfect foundation for launching her business, where she’s worked with Brené Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, and other notable thought leaders since 2013. She is an advocate for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people as well as for asking deeper philosophical questions and teaching others to think more broadly about impact when they create, particularly in STEAM fields.

3 thoughts on “My New Definition of “Success”

  1. How amazing to be able to spend that time in Paris! (And just amazing pictures!!) It seems to me that, having that kind of freedom with your own business allows for even more of a relaxing vacation because, even if you’re working a little while you’re there, that means you can spend more time there and, when you come home, it’s not like you have this pile of work waiting for you. Or an anxiety-ridden office job that you have to come back to. I always feel the ends of vacations the most, and it ruins the experience sometimes, because I just dread going back to work. It’s so inspiring to hear your stories of your own success in your business! It makes me look forward to the day that I’ll have that same freedom.

  2. I like your definition of success. I think working in something that you love the most is always been the best job in the world. Proud of you!

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