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Quinoa Arepas

I used to be the pickiest eater. Ever. When I was young, I ate bread and pasta and milk with occasional other white things tossed in like chicken and alfredo sauce and rice (never cauliflower though). I’ve come a long way since then and I attribute my culinary revelations to my time in New York City. And every time I visit, NYC throws new foods and flavors at me, like quinoa areaps, which  I discovered at Smorgasburg and just had to make myself.

The recipe is on The Post Social — head over there to get the details.


And in case you missed it this week, I wrote about my escape to Napa last summer on Joanna’s lovely blog, Simple Blueprint.

I also did a fun little interview over on Theresa’s blog, Inspiration Cooperative, last week. I admit really juicy things in it, like my greatest regret, my idea of perfect happiness, my greatest indulgence, and more! Stop by and leave me a comment there! (I read them all…)


Have a fantastic weekend, friends! I’m heading to Portland for the World Domination Summit and will be back late on Monday, so you might not hear from me until the middle of next week! Peace out until then.

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14 thoughts on “Quinoa Arepas

  1. Oh my gush, those look so good! I just looked up the recipe and I have everything for them, except milk. I could see them in my near future!

  2. Those look dee-licious. I tried to get my family to quinoa and they’re were not immediate fans. I think this recipe might finally convert them. Thank you, Brandi!

    World Domination Summit? Hope you’ll report back…My interest is piqued.

    Have a wonderful time at the Summit and a great weekend!

  3. Well, this looks positively delicious! I’m no chef, but I might have to get out the ole apron and give this a whirl.

    Have an awesome time in Portland! :D

  4. I have to start using quinoa. My friends eat gluten-free (three of the five in their family have celiac), so they use quinoa in all sorts of dishes. Time to go take a look at the recipe!

    Hope you’re having fun this weekend–the title of the World Domination Summit has me laughing, but it sounds amazing!

  5. re:scotland:if you are in glasgow, you should go and see the kelvingrove art gallery, very impressive. also hill house in helensborough (charles rennie macintosh house). in glasgow the hidden lane tearoom (it`s argyle st. i think), in edinburgh the sweet little cafe tea tree tee. am half-scottish and was there again last year to visit my family- i envy you:) scotland is beautiful and you will find everyone to be very kind and helpful. best from faraway berlin, anja

  6. This looks absolutely gorgeous – I really appreciate the cleanliness and simplicity of some of this dish, and your plate ware is quite lovely as well! ^^ Its an interesting recipe that I’ll have to take a look at!

  7. Oooh, those look good! Must check out that recipe and give them a try…

    Hope you had fun taking over the world in Portland!

    So excited for you that you managed to book 10 days in Scotland! That’s way better than just a week.

    I’m off to the lake for a week on Friday, but we should really skype when I get back…


  8. Why oh why did I have to see the picture of that lovely salad when I am so darn hungry and so very far away from lunch? Have fun at your conference thingee!

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