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Revisions and Evolutions

I have a lot tumbling around in my head right now: thoughts about my life, stories I want to write, discoveries I want to share. They’re like puppies in a box, all climbing on top of one another trying to get out. But I’m not sure where they belong.

Many bloggers will question what they write about at some point. Some will disappear for a short period of time then return. Others decide blogging no longer feels right for them and leave it behind entirely.

I’m not going anywhere, trust me. But I am in a period of time where I’m questioning my self identity and what I want a lot. And really, I want to be able to give all those deep resonating thoughts expression and homes. They may not all find a home here. But I do want to share some of these things with you, and I want you to share back — because, while I learn about myself and the world when I write, I also learn when I listen to you, when you share your stories and thoughts in comments and emails and other conversations.

So this is a beginning.

Do you feel the same way about blogging that you did when you started? Do you think your blog can evolve as you do, or do you feel confined to blog about certain topics?

About brandi

Brandi is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim, a company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence and enhance their digital experience. Her academic background in theatre, philosophy and physics was the perfect foundation for launching her business, where she’s worked with Brené Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, and other notable thought leaders since 2013. She is an advocate for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people as well as for asking deeper philosophical questions and teaching others to think more broadly about impact when they create, particularly in STEAM fields.

32 thoughts on “Revisions and Evolutions

  1. I think of my blog as a constant evolution and tweaking of what works and what doesn’t. I hope you find something that works for you… and aren’t afraid to change it when it doesn’t anymore :)

  2. Honestly, I started blogging because I had a lot to share and my Facebook audience wasn’t really the most receptive. A few liked posts or whatever but I didn’t feel it was the community or the audience I needed. I started because I read tons of blogs that were adorable and the women were crafty and funny and pretty. But I think I’m developing into something more. I want to share not only my cute braided headbands but my thoughts, ideas and opinions. I think we’ll find something that works for us :)

    1. And I love when you mix it up! You are such a wildly interesting person, Freya — keep sharing all of that. And I really can’t wait to read about your adventures in your new city!

  3. this is something i often ask myself. or i have asked many times.
    i try to blog from the heart and i hope that what i blog about speaks to others. i’ve experimented with different things but the most popular posts on my blog are the ones that reek of me , my life and the moment. that is what i love about blogs. wherever we are they can capture. i think they can grow with us. bloggers than i read that have been around for 10 or so years have had many reinventions. i think we are all growing and to think that one theme can capture that forever is confining. i say bloom. try different things and see what happens as longs as you are coming from the heart it will be good.

    1. Those posts are my favorite too — I love the ones that show little insights into people’s worlds more than just stuff. Real stories resonate.

  4. I totally struggle with this all the time, and I think it’s okay. It’s a part of blogging that makes it interesting. I also think that’s why so many people stop blogging and I hate that. I know you won’t stop, but if you ever do I will be a very sad sad girl.

    1. Even if I ever stopped writing here, you know I would never stop writing — and I’d never stop keeping in touch with you. We’re not blog friends, Tiff. We’re friends. Period.

  5. I feel like my blog shifts daily. Sometimes I’m feeling poetic and soul-searching, other days I’m thinking about superficial things, and most days I’m in between. Lately, I’ve taken to blogging only when I actually have something to say, rather than forcing myself to write daily. It means just one or two posts a week, but I think they’re better posts, if shorter and fewer. They’re more me, though, and that’s what matters.

    1. Katie, I think you’ve really hit on something here. It’s easy to feel the pressure to produce content regularly, but it’s definitely more important that what we publish be really high quality. I may try and follow your example.

  6. Oh, I can relate to this. My blogging life has changed a lot since I started at 19. As have I. In this most recent version of my blog I tried to keep it as focused as possible because I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving my community, but also wanted to avoid getting to personal/”Google-able” for professional reasons. As I’ve contemplated a career shift to something much more blog friendly, I’ve also been wondering what that means for my blogging voice. If I’ll expand what I write about or keep it pretty tightly held. No answers as of yet, but lots of questions. You’re not alone, clearly :)

    1. I definitely understand your concerns about being professional and searchable online. As bloggers, it’s important to know what we’re putting out there and how that might affect us long-term.

      I’m so curious about what this career shift of yours might be!

  7. i think a blog can be anything you want it to be. so, knock down those walls. make room. i would love to see what you do with the place.


  8. I’m quite new in blogosphere, I started last october as a hobby, my aim was to share thoughts and things that I like with friends that live far from me.
    I keep reading about blogging and everybody says you need to focus in one area, find your niche… But frankly, I keep posting about all sort of things, whether about craft, fashion, friends, family whatever catch my attention. I’m a bit eclectic in my tastes, and probably that’s reflected in my blog. As long as it’s just a hobby I think I should feel free to post about whatever I want, but I admit sometimes I’ve got the feeling that I’m not following the blog rules… Plus, I can’t avoid feeling that I should writte more often, when I know there’s no reason to feel this way.
    I love your blog and one of the reasons is because you talk about different topics but you get a cohesion that makes sense to me. So your blog is a big inspiration to me.
    Thanks Brandi!

    1. Alex, thank you so much! I know there’s always pressure to choose a niche, but we’re all so much more than any one thing. Keep posting about everything that you love and that excites you.

  9. my blog and what I write have completely evolved with me as we grow. and so has my ability to share and learn to express myself. rethinking and reasoning are important parts of that. I love places where I get to read the real deal, the life as it is and can relate to so much.

  10. My blog is still very young, but as it’s grown up a bit, I’ve talked about different things — primarily books. Every time I talk about books on what is “supposed” to be a style blog, I wonder about whether I should start a separate blog for just books. But maintaining one blog is a time-suck as it is, so for now it just gets jumbled in with the outfit posts. :) I always read about how a blog should be focused, so I’m breaking that rule, but as a blog reader I like glimpses of other people’s lives – what they like to cook, what they read, their interests, their family, etc.

    1. And I’m so glad you talk about books — I always find that I can really relate to other people when we get started chatting about books. I think glimpses into someone’s life like that are key.

  11. I am a very new blogger (as you know), but even as I keep writing, I feel my focus and interests shifting. I started out with a love of all things food, but as I’ve read more books and blogs and recipes, I’ve altered the way I think about sustainable agriculture and informed eating. I try to keep my voice honest and reflective, but I think as we change, our blogs, the extension of our voices, change too.

  12. hi brandi! this is a very thoughtful post with poignant questions about blogging. I’m glad you asked them because blogging has been on my mind lately too. i initially wanted to blog strictly about fashion, but then i lost steam with that and found more meaning with lifestyle blogging because blogging about fashion for me was mostly reblogging and it’s way more fun to find unique content directly from your own life. then the questions with lifestyle blogging are still left unanswered to me. how much of your life do you write about? do you write about the good, bad, and ugly? is my blog strictly a happy place lifestyle blog? i dont want to put forth a facade that hides realities, but i dont necessarily want to blog about ALL aspects of life. so, while blogging is fun, i want to make sure i do it with heart and for all the right reasons :) thank you for asking these insightful questions as it’s important to give a lot of consideration to these matters!

    1. I really think whether you’re blogging or just sharing your story with friends, you always have to check in with yourself and ask what feels right. I don’t mind putting a lot out there and being vulnerable. At the same time, there are some things I don’t share. We all move at our own paces and discuss what’s right for us at different times.

      The real key? Just keep being yourself, which you do beautifully.

  13. My blog is most certainly evolutionary. In the early days of blogging (circa 1999), my blog was a platform to share my day-to-day moments. It was a very detailed personal account of my life. It has since moved from that to a baked goods centric blog to something abstract. I’m not quite sure what direction it’s headed, but I am excited to see where it lands.

    I’m excited to see where yours will take you.

    1. I’ve so been loving the little snippets of your day-to-day life on your blog. I think they’re wonderful. And I have to admit that as a reader/friend, I like seeing how people’s blogs change with their life. It’s a lot of fun. Now I just need to remind myself of all that, right?

  14. I know so very well these same feelings, my dear. I think it’s important never to let go of the clutch, but to sometimes release it a little. I don’t know if that analogy even makes sense, I don’t drive stick. I imagine that’s what it’s like. Look at me choosing foolish analogies. Anyway… I think it’s important to sometimes sit back and take stock and make sure the path you suddenly find yourself on is one that feels right, one that heads towards bright things. And to remember that it’s okay to backtrack and choose a different path, or to create a new offshoot, treading entirely new territory. It’s about listening to your inner voice and instincts.

  15. I’ve have been a long time fan of your blog, so sending some encouragement your way. And thank you for all the inspiration you have provided here.

    I first started my blog as a way to navigate through my new life away from FL–at that time it was called FL Girl Meets the Midwest. At that time I was also rededicating myself to writing, and the blog then was so much about letting my writing out of the closet. Yes, things have changed.

    After two years, I became Girl with New Life (after I moved again), and my blog evolved into a place for nourishing myself and hopefully others. It’s a place where I remind myself how to live, what is important to me, and what deserves celebrating.

    So maybe the answer is: do what sustains you.

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