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You Are Myth

So-called facts:

Myths are lies.

Fairytales are for children.

Stories are only found in books.

Beliefs like these rob us of our greatness.

Here — in this space, in this time, in the world — new truths are beginning:

Myths are our greatest meaning.

Fairytales remind us of the magic we possess.

We are the stories.

In the beginning, there was mythology. Putting aside whether you believe your story true or not, every ancient religion begins with creation. So does your life. You may even know the story behind it: the night was dark and stormy; the day was warm. Perhaps your mother was working when her water broke, or couldn’t make it to the hospital on time. The mythology of my beginning was aligned with the winter solstice. How did the stars and planets pause for yours?

This is an exploration. You are navigator, you are creator, you are captain. I can only give you small things: a compass, a map, a nudge.

How does knowing that your life is a story change it?

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3 thoughts on “You Are Myth

  1. I so love your writing. “You are navigator, you are creator, you are captain.” – Perfection!

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