Living Your Worst Nightmare

For a week, I couldn’t sleep. Trying to fall asleep was a challenge: I was partly convinced I need to use the time to visualize the upcoming event I was attending, trying to see myself succeeding, but instead falling into a strange meditative state that wasn’t quite sleep. When sleep finally came, it was broken….

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The Rut

To put it simply, I’ve been stuck. I find myself in a place where it’s hard to breathe, where I feel the weight of expectations heavy on me. It is as if I were at the bottom of a lake in an air bubble, unable to break through to the surface and the glint of…

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Be Epic

Every now and then, I have these strong instincts to do things. Some of these instincts are so intense that they become compulsions, and I quickly find myself swept away. There’s a little strain of divine madness running in my blood. It came over me last Thursday and took me down it like a fierce…

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Country Boys

There’s something about these country boys — the way they hold open doors for a woman and insist on paying for friends’ drinks, the way they look at you and are really there, the way their accent deepens or slowness of speech lengthens as the night and drinking wear on, the way they all seem…

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