Unconditional Love

I’ve been working through a meditation series recorded by my friend and brilliant astrologer Jenn Racioppi, and today’s audio track asked us to focus on our fourth chakra and unconditional love. Unconditional love is…impossible. That’s where I went. And it’s not that I totally believe that, since I’ve seen and felt the unconditional love between…

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Binary Star Systems

In some worlds, there are two sunsets. What stories might have been told by people watching one sun chase another in the sky? What myths would be born to explain the daily pursuit? A hunter stalks his prey. A lover is pursued by her love. We are binary stars. We find ourselves circling what we…

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Letting Go to Let it In

Sometimes, we hold on to things tightly because we’re afraid of what will happen if we let go. Relationships, jobs, routines. We grasp them tightly. They’re familiar, comforting. But what happens when we know they’re not working anymore? What do we do when we know they’re not right? It’s easy to continue our existence tethered…

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On Being Humble

Somewhere in the past, I discovered humility and put it on the shelf of virtues I wanted to possess. I chased it, searched for it, was willing to do whatever I must to possess it. But I never properly understood it. I thought to be humble was to believe you were not better than anyone…

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