Lost Girl

I’ve always been one of those women searching the world for answers. In your 20s, it’s acceptable. But most people have it figured out enough by their 30s. And then there’s me: mid-thirties, single, and taking a path rather different than most. I walk lines between naiveté and wisdom like the lines don’t exist at…

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Stepping In

I hold myself back all the time.  Sometimes, I’m holding myself back from myself, sometimes from my desires. Sometimes, I’m just holding myself back because I’m terrified of the power I could step into, or what I’ll find when I let go. I think about letting go a lot. I’ve always been fascinated by Jean…

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Balancing the Dark and the Light

While many things were impressed upon me during my years training to be an actress (what feels like a lifetime ago), one of the lessons that stands out the most is that we contain the whole of the human experience and emotion. As an actor, understanding that capacity is what allows us to dig into roles…

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My New Office!

It finally happened last week — my desk and chair arrived and I got organized. Say hello to my new office!! I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to finally have a dedicated work space. A tax write-off, yes, but also a sanity guarantee. I’m still waiting for the final touches to arrive from…

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