Go One Deeper

The answer is never obvious. Even the question isn’t always clear. Sometimes the revelation is one deeper. Let me give you an example. For years, I thought I was afraid of heights. I once hiked to the top of a very large hill, with a cliff overlooking the ocean. As I climbed higher, I started…

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Healing the Source

My friend Soshy and I were chatting on the phone yesterday as I drove home from Pennsylvania. Last year, she had a baby, a super sweet little girl name Rosie, who is both a blessing and a challenge (as all babies are to sleep deprived parents). Soshy has spent the past few months adjusting to…

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Lost Girl

I’ve always been one of those women searching the world for answers. In your 20s, it’s acceptable. But most people have it figured out enough by their 30s. And then there’s me: mid-thirties, single, and taking a path rather different than most. I walk lines between naivet√© and wisdom like the lines don’t exist at…

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Stepping In

I hold myself back all the time.¬† Sometimes, I’m holding myself back from myself, sometimes from my desires. Sometimes, I’m just holding myself back because I’m terrified of the power I could step into, or what I’ll find when I let go. I think about letting go a lot. I’ve always been fascinated by Jean…

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