Business Challenges


Falling Apart to Fall in Love

Sometimes everything needs to fall apart to be put back together in the right way. That’s what I’ve been telling myself this past week. Most people think I totally have it put together: successful business, living in a great area, new podcast, great friends. Honestly, I don’t know what “together” is sometimes. Here’s what I…

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The Right to Change Your Mind: In Business

I was recently faced with this question: Do I have the right to change my mind after I have said yes and started in on a project or venture with a partner? Promises are a sticky subject, and the answer to such questions isn’t always as simple as “well, you said yes and promised to…

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How to be an entrepreneur and date someone who’s not

A lot happened in August. I drove down to Asheville twice for mastermind retreats. I’m still processing losing my beloved Marty (and helping my other cats through their grief too). I discovered that I’m building an empire with my business. And I started dating someone. This someone — we’ll use his first initial of G…

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Uncommon Commitment

When I go in, I go¬†all in. That’s the way it’s been with things I’ve been passionate about in my life. I’ll admit, the unfortunately typical manifestation of this commitment could most clearly be seen in my string of serious relationships with men. But I’ve done it numerous other times with classes, studies, and adventures…

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