A Daydream

Someday, I want to own a home with an epic door knocker — the type that is so perfectly unusual it makes you question if you’ll be stepping into another world on the other side of it. I want door knobs and keyholes that look like intricate puzzles, waiting not only a key but a…

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The Greenhouse in Big Sur

As if Big Sur didn’t already call to me, I discovered this earlier in the week. My worry: if I went there, I might never come back. I don’t think that would be so bad though. {photos and architecture by Mickey Muennig; featured on Tiny House Swoon then Design Tripper, and found via The Innocents…

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All the Right Curves

Before the cold weather and snow hit last night, I spent a good portion of my weekend outdoors. I even got a bit of sunburn. But that time in the woods, surrounded by trees, started me daydreaming, and when I came across these natural wood floors, cut along curved uneven lines natural to the wood…

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Little Touches

I’ve been working with some awesome bloggers and creatives recently, helping them make their websites even more amazing. And…well, I’ve been so inspired by some of them, I just had to gush. And Emily’s beautiful ceramics seemed like a brilliant place to start.  Aren’t they the sweetest? The Object Enthusiast: blog | shop

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