Good vs. Perfect

Hello, my name is Brandi and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I was a good student growing up — the type that gets A’s on tests and papers and goes above and beyond on projects. In 9th grade, we were tasked in history to write a section of a chapter on one of the topics we…

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Walking the Path

I’ve been thinking a lot about paths recently. It lingered on my mind when I woke yesterday, how things twist and turn and find yourself somewhere you never expected to be. School made life seem so easy. In high school, the path was clear: go to college, get a job, meet a boy, fall in…

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This is going to be raw. I don’t know how else do talk about this. Five days after I returned from my time in Atlanta and Tennessee, I had to say goodbye to my sweet cat, Marty. He was such a fighter and so stubborn at times. After the vet discovered the lymphoma, they gave…

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Hitchhiking on Someone Else’s Dream

A few weeks ago, a friend told me of a business he wanted to start: an online archery shop. I wanted in. It was easy to imagine myself in charge and building an incredible¬†company. More than anything else, I imagined all of the content I could create for the world, particularly for young girls interested…

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