The Archer’s Wardrobe


…consists entirely of dresses and skirts.

I’m atypical as far as archers go though. But the combination of a dress and a bow makes me feel both powerful and feminine.

I love being a contradiction.

P.S. There’s a reason I’m not a fashion blogger: I always abandon cute shoes for practical ones. The ground at the outdoor range is typically wet and muddy, so I always go with my Hunter boots. The dress was a gift from my friends at eShakti — I’m in love with their retro styles and custom sizing. I have at least ten dresses from them now. If you haven’t shopped there before, I highly recommend you go fall in love with something. If you use the code NTYRVERGER, you’ll get 20% off through March 20th.

P.P.S. For those of you who know archery, yes, my elbow is high. I’ve been having some shoulder issues lately and posing for the photo sort of hurt.

Goddess Revived

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw39 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw37

These days, nothing enters my closet unless (1) it makes me feel beautiful and (2) the fabric doesn’t get caught in my bow when I’m shooting. But once I saw these pieces from the Zuhaur Murad Haute Couture Spring 2013 collection, I knew I’d figure out the logistics of archery in these dresses.

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw16 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw14

Let’s face it: they’d put me that much closer to being an ancient Greek goddess. I can just hear Mount Olympus calling…

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw7 zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-2013-pfw3

I was always fond of Artemis. And Athena. Oh, let’s face it: they’re all good fun.

Which Greek goddess’ character traits do you desire to embody most?

{Zuhaur Murad Haute Couture Spring 2013}



When I was a teenager, I decided I wasn’t a ring person. They didn’t look right, they didn’t feel right. I thought they were fantastic on other people, but for me? No.


Then I bought one of Jenny’s awesome arrow bracelets and she was sweet enough to send me a ring as well. I begun to wear it and fell in love. Somehow, it felt right. Soon, I was imagining wearing one of the rings from her Eye of Ra collection as well. I imagined it so hard, I decided to make it reality.  Now, I’m crushing on another of her amazing creations.


Jenny’s jewelry is just epic and mythic like that. It gets stuck in your mind. You dream about it. And eventually you bring the magic into your life.

{all images from Odette New York}

The Perfect Summer Shoe

During my trip to San Diego in April, I got a sneak peek at the goods for a new online shop, Painted Bird. Nicole, the shop owner, discovered these colorful crocheted shoes from India. Once she felt how comfortable they were, she bought several more pairs. Together, she and her shop partner Jen have made it possible for everyone to own these cute shoes.

I’ve seen them in person, and trust me, they’re as awesome as they look online. And with so many colors, they’re bound to have one that you fall head over very heels in love with.

Their online shop just opened, so get over there and check them out!

{images from Painted Bird}

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