A Wish List

I turn 33 in 3 days. I love the time around my birthday, not because it’s the holiday season, but rather because my birthday has always been a reflection point for me, a time to dream, make wishes, and plan.

For the last three years, I’ve been making lists, strange lists of what I wanted in my new year. I ask for odd things like an accent or to hear bells or take a stroll in the woods. Almost every wish is granted, not always the way I expect it to be, but always in a more beautiful way than I could have dreamed.

So I’ve started to make a new list for this year. Here are its beginnings:

  • a garden and grove of fruit trees
  • words that haven’t been spoken yet
  • a spot to write
  • a picnic at an abandoned homestead
  • a field of wheat at sunset
  • serenity
  • an opening to something unbelievable
  • a home that wraps itself in the sounds of nature at night
  • a star
  • certainty with a splash of confidence and a dollop of generosity
  • lightness of spirit

There’s more to come. And what a good year it will be…

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