Letting Go

I had intended to write about something different today, but then I checked my email and discovered three emails from people completely unconnected in my life all about the same topic. In fact, it’s one I’ve been pondering over frequently for the last few weeks because it’s one of the hardest things for me to do: letting go.

I like things I can control and manage and predict. In a chaotic fast-paced world, that power makes me feel safe. I’ve made plans to have the perfect relationship, the perfect party, the perfect wedding, and the perfect body. I’ve wanted to reduce the world to equations: if I do x (and maybe y) then z will happen.

Have you ever felt this way?

Lately, I’ve been discovering a whole different type of strength that comes with letting go, with allowing events to unfold. I’m giving up my control and my obsession with perfection (this is a process), and what I’m finding is a flow. There’s support I never expected and a calmness and happiness that I’ve never experienced so fully.

One of my friends in her email this morning mentioned letting go when it came to trying to predict or control the outcome of her romantic relationship. The result? She feels free and at ease — and the guy she’s been dating told her that he loves her.

Another friend let go of her struggle with her body image and weight. She’s begun to embrace and love herself — and there seems to be some serious magic happening in her life right now.

It’s easy to believe that life begins at the destination you’re trying to get to, but life is there all along — and the best part is sometimes when you just let go of the trapeze bar and fly.

What are you holding onto tightly that you should let go of?

{photograph by Graham Holliday, used under Creative Commons license}

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