The House of Newe

Once, there was a castle named Newe. Now there is only a home, what was once the castle’s old laundry building.

The house is a living museum, filled with swords and paintings of family members and stories hidden behind glass doors.

The family legacy still hangs: tapestries brought back from India. At some edges, the fabric frays.

There are books that tell the history of the area, but the greatest stories belong to the owners, who weave the names and dates together into a grand picture that spreads out across time and space, and is carried into the present moment.

In two days, everything about the house felt like home: the warm fire, the plaid blankets, the carpets spread on every inch of floor, the large dogs that slept wherever they pleased…

And the music. The music still lingers on.

The Guestbook

Once, in the northern part of the Cairngorms forest in Scotland, there was a castle, a house named Newe after the family that lived there.

There were balls and hunts and days spent ice skating outdoors. The castle walls had small alcoves in them, where fires could be lit to heat the stones, allowing peaches to grow on trees that hugged them.

For over one hundred years, visitors left records of their time there in a book: photographs, drawings, signatures, stories.

And while the castle no longer stands, the guestbook is still being filled.

When I was asked to sign it, I felt the weight of all the years on me. I am no artist, so I gave the only thing I could: my words. I wrote of how everything I encountered there spoke another language: the trees, the fields, the mountains, the stones. I wrote of how often they speak and how I was just beginning to understand.

Even now returned, I am still just beginning to understand.

{photographs taken by me}

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