When I was a teenager, I decided I wasn’t a ring person. They didn’t look right, they didn’t feel right. I thought they were fantastic on other people, but for me? No.


Then I bought one of Jenny’s awesome arrow bracelets and she was sweet enough to send me a ring as well. I begun to wear it and fell in love. Somehow, it felt right. Soon, I was imagining wearing one of the rings from her Eye of Ra collection as well. I imagined it so hard, I decided to make it reality.  Now, I’m crushing on another of her amazing creations.


Jenny’s jewelry is just epic and mythic like that. It gets stuck in your mind. You dream about it. And eventually you bring the magic into your life.

{all images from Odette New York}

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Jane Reaction

(logo and original branding) is a graphic design and art director who works with with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, creating cohesive and interesting brands and websites.

Carrie Coleman

(photography) is a wedding photographer, whose goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple's love through timeless, organic images. She is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.