Travel Lessons

There’s a lot going on today as I prepare for my flight to Scotland tonight. More than half my accommodations need to be booked. I have to decide precisely where my path around the country will take me. As I do all of this, I’ve been trying to remind myself of a few key travel lessons I learned last summer:

1. Stay more than one night. Staying in a place for a few nights will sometimes allow you to see more of an area than if you hopped from city to city.

2. Rely on the kindness of strangers. Maybe not for rides in the countryside at night, but definitely for recommendations of places to visit, restaurants to eat at, and events to attend.

3. Plans are flexible. The greatest adventures are unexpected.

4. Travel light. Especially if you’re moving around, no one is going to realize you’ve been wearing the same three dresses over and over again.

5. Get offline. Leave the computer at home and resist checking email on your phone, at least for as long as you possibly can.

6. Look with wonder. The world is a gloriously beautiful place.

Do you have any good travel lessons or advice? I’d love to hear them before I go.

I do have a few posts planned while I’m away, and when I’m back, there will be lots of photos and stories to share. Slán go fóill, friends!

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